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-PLEASE READ- 1st Hairstyle- 0:03 2nd Hairstyle- 2:04 3rd Hairstyle- 5:10 stay stylish while keeping your short hair and love it! 1. French braided bangs back 2. French twist bun 3. French braid pig tails I have a part 2 coming tomorrow so be watchful!

i saw that i had a lot of views on my other short hair hairstyles video, so i made another one. watch all the way to the end for bloopers. Enjoy! Song: Pretty Rave Girl

My go to hair style for when I’m being lazy! xo FOLLOW ME: Tumblr: Twitter @RayBabyRay Instagram: @RavenElyse My Online Clothing Store, CUSTOM THRIFT: Nicole Lanee’ delivers her HAIR DO’S on maintaining a salon-like look after leaving the salon. Today she addresses how to maintain the short hair cut, by wrapping it properly for bed. To find out more about Nicole Lanee’ and how she can Empower Your Beauty visit (web) (twitter) http

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This is a really fun hairstyle that is quick and easy, but looks hip and trendy. The versatile sides and spikes on top add flare and personality, while the back puts a fun spin on the traditional neck hairline. Check out our other hair tutorials on our YouTube channel, girls hairstyles 2012, or on our website, Blog — http Twitter — Facebook – Shop –


Everyone can have beautiful hair. But the hairstyle should be suitable for the shape of the face. There are various short hair styles for women over 40 and you can simply choose a look that can make you 10 years younger. With the right hair, you don’t have to over accessorize because you can be able to pull off different looks that are appropriate for different occasions.

Zayn Malik hairstyle get the product Hanz de Fuko here: This is a video about Zayn Malik hairstyle from the pop music group One Direction Created and made in the Slikhaar Studio where the Slikhaar TV is based. In this episode of (Slikhaar TV 24) you get a tutorial in how to style your hair like the singer Zayn Malik from one direction awesome popular hairstyle for men. Today Slikhaar TV has the model (Emil Albrechtsen) in the Slikhaar studio doing the famous Zayn Malik hairstyle – Emil is doing a pretty good job managing the new prototype wax, high hold and matte finish to a celebrity hairstyle. The hairstyle is created with a hanz de fuko prototype wax and hairspray from KMS California. Hair info: Top: 10-12 cm. Sides: 1-2 cm. Step 1: Make your hair like damped. Step 2: Blow dry it(Use heat and cold air to make it stay) Step 3: Ad the wax (Start from behind and structured move forward) Step 4: Ad first layer of hairspray Step 5: Ad second layer of hairspray, to increase the holding power. Buy Hanz de Fuko Music: One Push Legacy: Electric Best regards Rasmus Emil and Zayn Malik Slikhaar TV One Direction

We recommend Gel TRIQ from Hanz de Fuko In this video You se an Example on how to Create a Spiky textured hairstyle in medium to long mens hair with a fast drying gell. Before creating the Spiky textured look you need a good haircut a fresh hair wash and some great hairproducts, you Can also use a lots of other product than gell for instance, a harddrying wax like sponge wax from hanz de fuko or Extreme titanium from ID hair, Rock hard from Renati. This hairstyle is great for a lots of people, it drags a lots of atention and is really apealing to the girls laidies with the right combination of personallity and mix of clothes. If you are a caracter you need a sharp style like this one, it will make you remarkable and wanted, if you pull it of like this, just like a lots of athlets and soccer football players does. Hair info: thick light curly 6-7 cm on top 4 cm at the site 4-5 cm in the back thinned a little. before styling clean and dry. Keep your hair cool Joico Ice Spiker glue for every one who likes wild hair styling (the one party loving DJ Pauly d from jersey shore uses). People in the commentsection think this hairstyle looks like the one from: Dragonball Goku super´╗┐ sayayin Vegeta – What do you think?